One Year Limited Warranty


  1. This certificate grants 12 months of warranty (hereinafter: “warranty period”) from the date of product delivery to the customer.
  2. Product repairs will be executed by IQZOO Ltd. or by an authorized party. Following authorization for product repair, a mailing address will be provided.
  3. IQZOO Ltd. bears responsibility to fix any malfunction inside the warranty period, free of charge, including replacing a product or its parts. IQZOO Ltd. is not responsible to replace or repair products which it deems was damaged deliberately, out of line with the product’s instructions, or not used for its intended purpose.

4.IQZOO Ltd. will send the customer a written confirmation, outlining the details of the necessary repair.

  1. In the case that the malfunction/error/flaw in the product was caused by one of the following reasons, IQZOO Ltd. will require payment for repairing or switching the product or parts:
  1. Force majeure after the date of delivering the product to the consumer.
  1. Malice or negligence by the consumer or a third party.
  1. Using or maintaining the product not in accordance to the instructions of use, which are provided in writing with the original product delivery or can be found on the IQ Zoo website.
  1. Repair or change that was done to the product by anyone who was not authorized and approved to do so by IQZOO ltd.
  1. IQZOO Ltd. upholds to maintain ample stock of replacement parts until the end of the warranty period.
  2. Notice: The warranty of IQZOO ltd accordingly to this warranty certificate will not apply to:
  1. Products that are not produced by IQZOO Ltd. and/or imported by IQZOO Ltd., including products that IQZOO Ltd. might purchase or provide as an IQZOO Ltd. product.
  1. Flaws or slight deviations of the product’s specification, that are negligible or have no effect on performance, in regard to the value or usability of the product.
  1. Products that were significantly altered and/or additions which were made, that were not by IQZOO Ltd.
  1. Notice: Do not remove or change the ID labels on the product or its parts. Removing and/or changing as stated may prevent the proper identification of the product in which this warranty certificate applies to. This may make it difficult, or prevent IQZOOs ability to implement your rights in accordance with this warranty certificate.

For IQZOO LTD. to properly uphold this warranty, this completed certificate must be presented and must include date of product delivery to the consumer.

  1. Repairing a product malfunction, within the warranty period, will restore the product to its original functionality. If repairing the product within the warranty period involves replacing parts, the new parts would be original and previously unused.
  2. In case a proper repair to the product is not be possible as mentioned above, IQZOO Ltd. will provide the consumer an identical, or equivalent, product which is similar in quality, functionality, and price, or will refund the purchase cost.
  3. Warranty limitation – Any party that has not been previously mentioned in the above warranty conditions are excluded, as long as there is no legal obligation or liability within the warranty certificate according to the laws in the territory of purchase. Same is true for replacement demands of consequential damages, loss of profits, loss of data, or information or damage caused by stopped operation.
  4. Valid law – the warranty is subjected to the valid laws in the country where the product was initially purchased by the finite customer from the supplier, and would be interpreted as agreement to this law. The agreement or contract of sale will not apply for international sale of goods, outside of…..