Site Protocol


IQZoo Ltd. is a company that manufactures and markets products, exclusively for animals and pets.

The site that you are surfing on (below: “the site”) is activated by it and its representatives.



Browsing the site and using it is subjected to a preliminary agreement to the terms of use as detailed in this protocol. The word “use” in all of its forms will include the next activities:

browsing the site and/or registering and/or visiting and/or and other use in the site. The use of male language in this protocol will oblige to female and plural and vise versa.

Therefore you are required to read considerably the site’s terms of use and the protocol before using the site.


By using the site you are agreeing to be linked and to act by the terms that are detailed in the protocol and confirm by it that you read and agree to these terms. If you do not agree fully and without restriction to all of the terms on this protocol please stop immediately any further use of the site.


Agreement to the protocol

This protocol will be obligating and will work for the benefit of both sides, their representatives, heirs and every other power of attorney of theirs.

Therefore – this protocol will be the exclusive legal base for any dispute and/or litigation in regards to the subject of using the site or a person on its behalf.

All that appears or is published from time to time in the site’s different departments, including, expert appearances, acquisition tips, recommendations, advice/guides, other users treatment and recommendations, articles, reports, references to articles and/or reports, links to similar or related sites and every other piece of data from every type and kind (that all will be called: “the publications”) that will appear on the site are subject to recommendation only, and are not sufficient to charge the FeedMe site and/or to impose on it responsibility of every type and kind in relation to users actions based on that recommendation or its base. The responsibility on the content of the  advertisements and/or the recommendations latent in them is on the writers and/or the publishers themselves, all by the circumstances of the matter. The site will not take any responsibility for damage, loss, financial loss, anguish, and every other kind of damage caused to a user/browser as a result of the published contents.


The site is not responsible in any matter or form for the service of a third party and also for the use and/or the published content of other sites that the site and/or commercials in it are directing to, any use in those sites will be on with your responsibility.


The site and/or its operators reject any responsibility dropped on them explicitly or tacit, including any responsibility regarding services of the third party, disruption in using the site, viruses being located, malevolent software or files, quality and accuracy of the site and the info in it, matching for any purpose, wholeness, matching for software in the user’s computer and integration, and are not promising that using the site and/or services and/or third party services will not be disrupted and /or immune to interruptions and/or malfunction and/or errors and/or failures and/or any damage.


The site and/or its operators will not be responsible, in any case and by any legal theory (including contractual, of damages, unjust enrichment, and similar), to you and/or to any other person, directly and indirectly, caused by using the site and/or services and/or third party services and/or inability to use the site and/or services and/or third party services and/or its faults and/or loss of memory and/or damage to your computer and/or memory stored in your computer and/or damage caused by full or partial deletion of the stored memory and any other damage whether its predictable or unpredictable, and hereby you declare that you are exclusively responsible for any use that you are doing in the site and/or services and/or third party services.




1.The site is a virtual shop that is activated by IQZoo Ltd. (Hapoel Hamizrachi Street #3, Kfar Hasidim). The payment page on the site is secured and the defrayment is being executed by a third party, Visa Cal.

  1. All the services and products sold in the site, are suggested to the surfers for purchase in the fixed price.
  2. The site occasionally offers products in special campaigns, special discount campaigns and similar to those.
  3. Every campaign will set its validity period and the offer to purchase the product will be available for the surfer according to the period only, which will be published in The Company’s site. No multiple/combined discounts will be honored.
  4. Every user that makes an acquisition in the site (as follows: “buyer” and/or “action operator”), declares – by making that acquisition – that he is aware of the site’s protocols and the rules that takes place on purchasing through the site, that he knows those rules, agree to their content of the buying action and that he and/or someone on his behalf will not have any complaints and/or prosecution and/or demand against IQZoo Ltd. and/or the site operators and/or someone on their behalf, except pleas that are related to violating IQZoo Ltd’s commitments and/or site operators according to this protocol.

6.You are confirming that you are the exclusive owner of every right for information and content that you will provide for the service. That information and content is staying in your ownership and you instilling in it a free, international, exclusive, irrevocable, and timeless, license for IQZoo, that is transferable and includes a right for giving sub-licenses, to use, copy, distribute, to create derived sources, to present and execute publicly information and content as such. Subjected to that, the service’s base of data is a property of The Company and will not be used but to private non-industrial purposes  only.

7.Information in the site is offered for free, with the hope that you will find it useful. However, IQZoo Ltd and/or its employees, managers, directors, shareholders, advisors, and/or anyone of its behalf (aforementioned and hereinafter: IQZoo Ltd.) will not be liable toward you and/or any third party, for any reason, for the connection with the products and/or services of IQZoo Ltd and therefore you release IQZoo Ltd. irrevocably from any responsibility, for any result derived from using the products and/or the services of IQZoo Ltd., including (but not limited to) loss, loss of profit, damage to reputation, payment, expense and/or damage, direct or indirect, financial or not.

  1. The Company maintains the right to update / shutdown / pause the server’s services for an unlimited time without any notice. The client confirms hereby that The Company is not responsible for any damage to the user or third party as a result of a change/shutdown/pause in the servers owned by The Company.


Placing an Order

  1. To make an order of a product or service, first you should choose the product or the service. One must type basic details such as: Name, address, email address, phone number and credit card number, making the user an “action operator”. For the order to be completed quickly and without faults, it is required to type right information, or else completing the order cannot be guaranteed.
  2. Immediately after operating the action, Visa Cal will check the credit information, an appropriate message of approving the action will be given, the order will be registered in the IQZoo Ltd. computers (hereinafter – The Company) and a confirmation will be sent through email for operating the action up to 38 hours since finishing the sale process.

3.It will be clarified and highlighted that sending of a confirmation email does not serve as evidence for a completed transaction and does not obligate The Company to provide a product. The registration in The Company’s computers will allegedly be an evidence for the actions being true.


Who Is Eligible To Make Purchases

  1. All persons over the age of 18, that is qualified to make purchases of products offered on the site and/or any judicial body, that is unionized and/or registered in Israel, and is authorized to make purchases of products that are offered in the site, is allowed to make a purchase on the site within the limitations of this protocol (aforementioned and hereinafter: “the buyer”).
  2. Prior condition for confirming the purchase action is that the user is fit to make legally binding actions without the decision of a trustee, The Company is obligated to the purchase action.
  3. Prior condition is that the user will have a valid israeli ID card or a unionized union that is registered legally in Israel.
  4. Purchase action of products in our site is by credit card only, one that was issued in Israel by a credit company who operates legally in Israel.


The user should own a post office box in the internet network and and owner of an address in Israel

1.Prior condition for confirming the purchase action by The Company is getting confirmation from the credit company – in which by a card it issued the buyer request to make the purchase action – to make the purchase deal. If an approval from the credit company was not received on time, the buyer purchase action will not be valid.

  1. In a case where the deal was not approved by the credit company the action operator will be notified. In order to complete the purchase the action operator will be required to contact, via telephone, The Company’s customer service center to resolve the credit card confirmation and complete the transaction.
  2. An action will be considered as complete only after delivering the credit information by the action operator. In a case as such, the delivery time will be calculated only after the confirmation of the credit company. If the action operator did not act to resolve the confirmation up to 7 days for the time of getting the message of the credit company’s decline to approve the deal, The Company will be eligible to cancel the order.
  3. To complete the purchase deal, the buyer will be required to fill personal information, including his post office box in the internet site. Filling the details is a condition for executing the purchase action.
  4. The Company is allowed to deny a user from selling in the site in any of the following cases:

5.1. The participant performed an illegal act.

5.2. The participant breached a condition from the protocol conditions.

5.3. The participant deliberately delivered wrong information while registering and/or later on the phone.

5.4. The participant made an act that was intended to harm The Company or the proper activity of the site and/or anyone of its behalf and/or anyone of the shop owners and/or any kind of third party.

5.5. It is within the intent of the participant to sell the product or the service it will get to a third party and/or to trade it.


  1. The Company will provide the product to the buyer once it is confirmed that they are an authorized user of the credit card] on the credit card’s voucher in the position where the product is provided.
  2. Handing over false information is a crime and the perpetrator, can expect criminal and civilian legal action.


The Products That Are Suggested For Purchase On The Site

  1. The Company offers varied products for purchase on the site, in a convenient, quick and easy way including discounted prices. The Company does not promise to offer online products which are offered in stores.
  2. The Company offers products for purchase in the quantity, price, and the terms it deems appropriate by its own exclusive judgment. The Company reserves the exclusive right to add products in addition to the suggested product offerings on the site. It also reserves the right to reduce or liquidate a product, including the quantity of every product that is offered for purchase, its means of purchase, and the price of purchase.
  3. All the products offered for purchase on the site, are in stock and will be provided within the appointed time stated at the time of purchase. If, for unusual circumstances, it is not possible to expect it in the time of the order or product unavailability, a message about it will be sent to the consumer in up to 1 business day and their money will be refunded or that by their own choice, they could choose an alternative product of equal value. Subjected to The Company informing to the buyer on the product running out of stock and returning all of the money he paid for it (if he paid) to The Company and/or cancel the charge (if executed) on the basis of the purchase action. The Company is allowed to offer a product of equal value to the buyer.
  4. Every product that is offered for purchase on the site will be accompanied with information directly or by means of this protocol:

6.1 General specification of the product.

6.2 The price of the product and the possible terms of payment.

6.3 Cost of the transportation or the delivery.

6.4 Method and date of providing the product – From the day of the action of purchase or the confirmation of the credit company.


Method Of Purchase

  1. A buyer is permitted to purchase any offered product in the site without limitation.
  2. The Company and/or operators of the site will not be responsible for an error in the execution of the purchase deal caused by inserting false information or some information by the buyer to the system, nevertheless as far as the site’s operators will be aware of the wrong information that was inserted, it will be fixed by them.
  3. Providing the product will be executed to the address filled, and to it only.
  4. Details of the purchase action and details of the buyer will be used for the internal use of The Company only and will not be transferred by it to any other source, excluding transferring information to the credit company in order to get the confirmation to execute the deal of purchase. The buyer agrees that The Company will save his information in its database.
  5. The computing system of The Company manages computerized registration for any action of purchase executed in the site, and its notes will act as evidence for all that relates to the executing the purchase deal.


Canceling The Purchase Deal

  1. The right for the buyer to cancel in writing the purchase deal by a message in writing to The Company offices in up to 14 days from the day the buyer received the product or from the day the buyer got a document that contains that details mentioned in Israeli Federal Law, clause 14 gimel (beit) in the consumer protection law, תשמ”א – 1981 (hereinafter: “consumer protection law”), on the latest.
  2. In the case that the buyer requests to cancel the deal after the product is already sent, the buyer must return the product at their own expense as much as possible or reasonable in its original package, and as much as possible or reasonable, whole and without any wear, damage, flaw, or malfunction of any kind and matter.
  3. It is not possible to cancel a deal after an order has been placed for custom-made goods, goods manufactured especially for the buyer, goods that can be recorded, reproduced or cloned, which the buyer opened its original package.
  4. Outcomes of canceling the deal will be accordingly to clause 14 ‘hei’ (ה’) to the consumer protection law under Israeli Federal Law.
  5. It will be highlighted that according to this protocol, obligation applies to the buyer and its account to return the product to the marketer’s storages and he has the right to return the product independently.
  6. Accordingly to Israel Federal consumer protection law, התשמ”א – 1981, in case that you choose to cancel the deal, not as a result of a flaw or discrepancy between the product and the disclosure document, The Company is allowed to charge a cancellation fee of up to 5% of the purchase price or 100 NIS, whichever is lower.
  7. Likewise, in a case of canceling as stated, if the value of the product was reduced as a result of worsening in its condition The Company is allowed to charge replacement costs from the buyer.
  8. Canceling the purchase deal outside of these terms, will not hold any validity.



  1. Charges from the buyer will be executed by a credit card immediately after purchasing the product and is subject to credit company confirmation.
  2. When purchasing a product using installments, according to the payment conditions that will be mentioned in the site, the buyer will be charged monthly in fixed installments that already include the interest charge. For those fixed payments, in which the buyer already promised to pay for the product, there won’t be additional charges as a result of difference in linkage and/or interest, and those will be charged in the buyer’s credit card’s regular dates of billing, accordingly to the purchase conditions mentioned in the site in regard to every product.


Warranty And Service

  1. All the products offered on the site are new, sealed in their original packages, and hold a standard warranty and service rules for products of the same kind.
  2. The responsibility for the proper operation of the product applies to The Company that is signed on the warranty certificate that was provided with the product to the buyer, or with the invoice that was provided to the buyer at the end of the purchase transaction.
  3. For every product purchased, a 12 month warranty will be granted from the day of purchasing that product, according to the product’s terms of use.
  4. In case of a product’s malfunction, The Company is obligated to fix or replace the product in a reasonable time and only in The Company’s authorized service sites. It’s the buyer’s responsibility to send the broken-down product to The Company’s offices for examination/ repair/ replacement. The Company is not responsible for any loss, financial or otherwise, to the costumer or third party while dispatched to The Company’s offices.


Supplying/Transporting Of The Products

  1. The Company will take care to provide the exact product which was purchased on the site, to an address entered during purchase, within the set time in the product’s selling page, unless written otherwise in the site.
  2. The Company will act to provide the products or the services accordingly to the supplying conditions mentioned in the products or services selling page. The Company only promises to provide a product that was fully paid by a credit card as detailed in this document.
  3. The Company will not be responsible for any delay in supplying and/or no supply at all caused by force majeure and/or events that are not in The Company’s control including strikes, stoppage, sanctions, or other external factors. In a case as such, The Company will allow a customer to cancel the deal without charging handling fees, and will refund the consumer in full.
  4. In regions limited to access from a security standpoint The Company will be allowed to place the products for the customers in a nearby accepted location, that will be coordinated with them in advance.
  5. Delivery fees that are mentioned in the site does not include unusual transport and/or delivery to outside of Israel. Unusual transport means transporting to high floors without an option for using elevator and/or transportation that demands additional manpower and/or special means. For that matter unusual transport mean, among others, transportation to distant destination or beyond the green line, according to the list found in Fedex’s site.
  6. In case of unusual transportation and/or delivery outside of Israel The Company will be allowed to charge an additional fee on top of the one charged in a regular transportation.
  7. Delivery/Service time as those are mentioned in the selling page includes only the calculation of business days (Sunday to Thursday, not including Friday, Saturday, holiday evenings and holidays).
  8. When selling in installments method, The Company is allowed to charge the delivery fee in the first payment.
  9. While providing the product, The Company is allowed to demand the presence of the credit card owner in the hand-over and/or displaying ID of the credit card owner and/or the signature of the credit card owner on a voucher as a condition for handing over the product.
  10. In any case of request for canceling a deal after the product was already delivered, the buyer has the responsibility to return the asset as much as possible or reasonable in its original package, and as much as possible or reasonable whole and/or without harm and/or damage and/or malfunction of any kind on his own account.

13.1 Supply time with BoxIt’s emissary to the home or workplace – up to 2-3 business days.

13.2. Supply time with Israel Post (registered mail) to the address that the buyer filled in the site – up to 10 business days.


Additional Conditions

  1. The Company keeps its right to change this protocol, to add to and/or reduce from its instructions. Every purchase deal is subjected to the protocol instructions that will be valid and published on the site at that particular time.
  2. All the prices presented on the site includes VAT. Price of the asset is: the all-inclusive price of the asset except supplying fees, which are mentioned separately, and any addition or different expenses that will apply on the consumer.
  3. Pictures of the products presented on the site are for illustration only however details alongside it will be added, and will describe the difference between what is presented to the product in case there is a difference.
  4. In a case that factors and/or events that are not in The Company’s control will delay and/or prevent the selling of products or any part of them, fully or in any way, and/or will affect the supplying appointed time for the buyer, and/or will harm the computer systems and/or the network and database of the site, and/or apply between the appointed time of operating the purchase to the appointed delivery time that is planned by the condition of the purchase changes, in tax rates and/or levy applying the products predicate of the deal that their rate is above 5% The Company is allowed, to inform on canceling the purchase deal.
  5. In case an unusual and clear mistake in describing the product, its price, its payment conditions detailed alongside it, its picture or any other matter in regard to the product or receiving details from the buyer will happen or be discovered, The Company will be allowed to cancel the purchase deal at any time up to its hand-over to the buyer.
  6. In case The Company will find out that it can’t, within the framework of its regular means, provide the products to the buyer in his address and/or it cannot promise that the service cannot be provided in the buyer’s residence location, The Company will be allowed to cancel the purchase deal at any time up to its hand-over to the buyer.
  7. If the deal was canceled as stated above, The Company will fully refund the buyer all of his payment (if paid) and/or will cancel his credit card charge, and the buyer will not be eligible for any compensation resulting from the purchase deal cancelation.
  8. Any information and/or display that appears on the site, including graphics, icons, design, verbal display, trademarks, logo signs, are under the exclusive ownership of The Company and/or anyone on its behalf. Not to be copied, cloned, distributed, published or used in any other way without getting The Company’s permission in writing and in advance.
  9. In any disagreement that is related to the purchase deal, the authorized court of justice in Haifa, Israel will have exclusive and unique authority on the matter.
  10. Presenting the products on the site is not considered an opinion about their nature or goodness.
  11. The Company’s computer notes in the matter of operation within the site, will be an alleged evidence to the operation being made.
  12. Every message to the buyer will be executed to the address and/or by the details that were inserted to the system, while making the purchase action. A message as such that was sent via mail carrier or email, will be considered as it arrived to the buyer within 7 days since the day it was sent to delivery.


Customer Service

It’s possible to address The Company’s service representatives in any matter regarding the purchasing process, questions about products, questions about the technical specification of the product, handling the product, warranty, and any other subject to make the purchasing experience easy, simple, quick and pleasant.


Jurisdiction And Privacy Policy

  1. On this protocol applies the Israel laws. Jurisdiction will be given at the authorized legal court in Haifa, Israel.
  2. IQZoo Ltd. company recognises its obligation to keep the customer’s secrecy and privacy and does not transfer information about its clients to any third party.