5 reasons to use FeedMe

Prevents Overeating and Obesity

Provides slow feeding for average time 55 minutes, filling their bellies in a natural way, stopping overeating food intake.

5 reasons
5 reasons

Prevents separation anxiety

Addresses Separation Anxiety by engaging your pet and helps her cope with feelings of loneliness when home alone.

Continuous Stimulation

Stimulates all you‘re pet's senses- Sight, smell, hearing, taste and touch. Enriching you're pet’s quality of life & calming energetic pets.

5 reasons
5 reasons

Reduces Destruction of Property

Stimulates and rewards your pet’s chewing actions. Reduce their desire to destroy your home while away.

Financial Savings

Redirect your pet’s eating habits.
With FeedMe your pet will only eat as much as needed.
Saving you money.

5 reasons

Eating From a Bowl Is Not Healthy!

FeedMe was developed with more than three decades of research and experience in the field of Dog Behavioral Science.
It fulfills dog’s instinctive need to focus and be challenged.
This feeder gives dogs an outlet for their desire to chew, think, and be mentally stimulated by their meals.
This amazing device does so much more than just aid behavioral problems.

FeedMe occupies your pet for a long time, encourages them to be active, enriches their environment, and stimulates all of their senses: taste, touch, smell, sight, and hearing.
Keeping them constantly rewarded without frustration, your pet will never get bored of this fun exercise.

The Slowest Feeder In The World!

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Built-in slopes to guide the food towards the exit.
FeedMe Works Without Frustrating Your Pet!

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Secure lock- CLICK!

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Strong & Durable –
Industrial polycarbonate

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Adjustable ring

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Suitable for all types
of dry food

feedme pro

How To Use FeedMe


Open the cover


Pour your pet food into the device


Turn the cover to close position – wait for the last Click!


Adjust the hole to the required size

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